Friday, June 15, 2012

12 Years Shree Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra Celebrated in Jyabahal, Kathmandu

Shree Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra (Gathu Pyakhan), which is celebrated once every 12 years in different places of Kathmandu. It is known as "Barha Barse Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra" in local Nepali language. 

In this dance 13 different Hindu goddess mask dance is performed. People offer different pujas and offering in this ceremony. Animals like ducks, goats and buffalos are also sacrificed in this festival as "Bali Puja." Names of all god and goddess 1. Mahalaxmi (orange, three eyes); 2. Ganesh (white, three eyes); 3. Bramhayani (white, U shape tika); 4. Rudrayani (white, three eyes); 5. Kaumari (red, marks on cheeks); 6. Narayani (green, U shape tika); 7. Barahi (red, pig's nose, eye tika); 8. Manamayju (Indrayani, horizontal eye tika); 9. Kali (blue/red, wrinked face with eight points); 10. Bhiarav (blue, big eyes, big face); 11. Singhini (white, lion-faced); 12. Bhangini (orange, tiger-faced); 13. Swait Bhairav (white, looks like Shiva, comes out only occasionally).

1. Durpati performing dance in the festival 
2. Devotees watching festival 
3. Small girl having Cold Kulfi in the Festival 
4. God and Goddess performing dance in the Festival 
5. Devotees offering money to Manamaiju 
6. Devotees watching festival
7. Devotees watching festival
8. Narayani performing ritual dance in the festival  
9. Singba performing rituals dance in the Festival 
10. Samay Bhoj of God and Goddess in the Festival
11. Goddess offered rituals tika in the festival
12. Traditional Instrumental drums in the Festival 
13. Bhairab entered in the festival 
14. Bhairab offering ritual performing in the Festival  
15. Bhairab performing ritual dance in the Festival  

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